A Phantom's Heart

In shadows deep where moonlight weaves,
A heart entwined in thorny leaves.
Yearning whispers, silent plea,
A wonderous tale of love to be.

In twilight's grasp, a soul confined,
Desires dance, but fear entwined.
The heart, a pendulum that swings,
Between the joy and sorrow it brings.

A lonesome wail, a raven's cry,
Echoes of a love awry.
Yet in the darkness, passion's art,
A fragile flame within the heart.

Beneath the ebon cloak of night,
Longing blooms, a spectral light.
But specters past, a haunting fear,
Shadows whisper what we hold dear.

To touch the rose, one must endure,
The thorns that wound, the pain obscure.
Yet love persists, in luminous bloom,
In cryptic corners, secret gloom.

A phantom's heart, a poet's verse,
Yearning for a tender curse.
For love is both the balm and blade,
In moonlit dreams, and fears displayed.

In haunted halls, where echoes sigh,
A requiem for love draws nigh.
To want, to crave, yet dread the cost,
In tragic tales, the heart is lost.

- The Reflective Muse -

Art created by The Reflective Muse imagined with Midjourney AI