Oh, Paramore Who Art Thou?

It's amazing how love can make a person so blind. It blows my mind watching people interact with one another. There are many types of people in pursuit of a paramore.

There is the true romantic. The one who dives in head first. This person gives love readily with full trust and believes in genuine intention. Even though this type of love is beautiful, it's far and few between and not always realistic. 

The second is the charmer (manipulator). This individual leads with their ego and self gratification. They look at people as puppets in their game in pursuit for their own pleasure or validation. Mind games galore. If you want to have a lifetime of suffering, sign up with this one. Extremely toxic. 

The third is the desperate lover. They need another person to feel complete. They seek a co-dependent relationship and latch onto anyone who gives them any crumbs of love. They attach to people because they fear being alone and the deep need to feel loved.

The fourth is the dominator. This person leads with obsession, possession and control. Most times, this even lends itself to abuse. This is one of the worst and toxic types of love. 

The fifth is the hopeless. This person has been burned by love and has lost the will to search for "the one". They settle for the love they receive because it's "good enough". They realize they are content in this disappointment of love. 

Of course there are other types of love: The Unrequited, The Friendship,  The "Grass is Always Greener" Opportunist, The Peter Pan (Immature Love). I'll comment on those other styles in a future post. 

In my life, I've experienced all these types of love. I remember saying to myself this guy isn't perfect but "at least he doesn't hit me" or "at least he doesn't call me names or manipulate my emotions and use me". It kept going on and on. Always making excuses for neglect or abuse. I even blamed myself for a long time when people I loved abandoned me. 

There are many lessons to learn in love but perhaps the biggest one is finding those who really see us for who we are. Those who are willing to grow and learn with you. Real love is unconditional in the way that it's a supportive love that brings you comfort in life but also keeps building you up each day, even when you fall. 

Regardless of what happens in this life, lead with pure intention and follow your intuition. It will never guide you in the wrong direction. Genuine, real love will always find you if you are open to it and pay attention to the energy of others and how it makes you feel. 

- The Reflective Muse -

Art created by The Reflective Muse imagined with Midjourney AI